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Assetas Selected for AFWERX Contract to Support Aircraft Maintenance

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Assetas, a Colorado-based software company, announced today that it has been selected for a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contract with the U.S. Air Force. Assetas will collaborate with the 437th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron based at Joint Base Charleston to deploy their state-of-the-art software platform for asset management, digital inspections, audit activities, and workflow automation.

“We are proud to launch into a partnership with the Air Force and with AFWERX for facilitating the introduction of our commercial solution to the military. Our platform will extend the Air Force’s capacity to utilize online and offline transactions, countertop and mobile applications, and analytics capabilities,” said Rachel Gelman, Director of Content at Assetas. “We are looking forward to aligning our technology to increase the Air Force’s confidence in their controlled tools and equipment inventory, reduce time spent on manual tasks, and ultimately support mission-critical activities.”

The U.S. Air Force maintains over 10,000 controlled CTKs (Composite Tool Kits) to support aircraft maintenance. On average, tool custodians experience over 2,000 CTK transactions per day and must perform inventories to account for all CTKs, tools, and dispatchable equipment at the start and end of each shift. This requires a significant time commitment from airmen for a highly manual process that is prone to error. This contract will allow Assetas to solve these challenges and promote operational excellence in CTK management using radio-frequency identification devices (RFID).

Assetas was founded with the desire to help companies operate wisely. Assetas aims to deploy innovative technology to drive accountability and control, strengthen operational awareness with real-time analytics and automated workflows, and optimize processes to save time and improve efficiencies and utilization.

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