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The Story of Our Why

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In the summer of 2020, our team read Simon Sinek’s book, “Start with Why”. We applied the book’s concepts and distilled what we offer and how we offer it to develop our most powerful understanding: why we offer our solution. The result resonates deeply within our team.

The Assetas “why” is to support operational wisdom.

We define operation wisdom as sustained operational excellence at an organizational level, viewed through the lens of achieving long term goals via empowering human judgments and defining clear business strategies.

Our team has a lengthy history of developing tools to optimize and improve business processes. We have worked alongside companies who strive for “operational excellence”, an ambiguous term to proxy success. The challenge with this concept lies in how to define and drive an end value across organizational departments (e.g., engineering, operations, finance, accounting, environmental, regulatory) to support operational excellence at the organizational level. Competing priorities realistically result in trade-offs that limit any one department’s ability to realize its operational excellence. Unless an organization is regularly and acutely adjusting its finite resources, these compromises can become unchecked and short-circuit the organization’s long-term goals.

When evaluated from a perspective of operational wisdom, these incremental decision points are consistent and important opportunities to fine-tune which components of the larger organization need priority at that moment, based on the long-term goals of the organization. Operational wisdom is dependent upon the ability to understand the health of the entire organization in real-time with the ability to make regular adjustments. It requires being agile, dynamic, and proactive, to empower an organization to make data-driven decisions.

Organizations take their first steps within the DIKW Pyramid journey by understanding where they currently operate and evaluating what steps are necessary for growth and improvement. Data is a strategic asset, similar to a physical asset. Taking steps to manage your data well, with regular review, upkeep, and improvements, can move your organization up this pyramid.

Examples of how organizations mature their operations: 
  • Create and maintain a single solution so you and your team can easily, quickly, and accurately stay on top of your assets, defined as anything of value. For many organizations, these include physical equipment;
  • Transition processes from using paper forms to utilizing electronic forms on mobile devices to improve accuracy, save time, and capture results anywhere;
  • Integrate databases and systems to gain insights from those connections;
  • Develop automated workflows that trigger actions consistently, reducing time spent manually remembering and completing your tasks; and
  • Leverage artificial intelligence (AI) tools to allow machine learning to estimate significant events, providing you much needed lead time.

Wherever you are on your journey to operational wisdom, Assetas would love to partner with you. Please connect with us to learn more.

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