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RFID Tagging and Testing

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Assetas completed visits to Travis Air Force Base and Joint Base Charleston this fall. Our team affixed over 1,000 RFID tags to Composite Tool Kits (CTKs), tools, and miscellaneous items. We captured each tool’s digital twin in the Assetas solution, along with individual photos. We trained airmen in completing check-out/check-in processes using the new RFID scanner which interface with Assetas. We also field tested our RFID-enhanced missing tool locator on C-5 and C-17 aircraft.

Our team continues to enjoy working alongside the airmen and civilians who work tirelessly to keep Air Force aircraft well maintained and mission ready. Each section has been welcoming, knowledgeable, and excited to test this new technology.

Over the coming months, the Air Force personnel will continue to provide feedback while we work to continuously improve the solution to match their needs.