Operate with
effectiveness, security, excellence

Advanced real-time analytics and streamlined procedures – so you can focus on the mission.

Explore the possibilities


Build a complete view of your assets, from boots to bases, with status, location, and readiness.


Automated planned and predictive maintenance tasks and workorders scheduling.


Leverage RFID and GPS tracking technology to manage inventories and drive accountability.


Real-time analytics to support actionable and enhance Mission Based Forecasting.


Automate processes to streamline repetitive tasks and reduce the cognitive burden on soldiers.

Cutting edge data strategy

New tools and software systems to make your data visible, accessible, and understandable whenever it’s needed, on base or at the front line.

Transform your data into intelligence through connected devices, automated feeds from sensors, and computational power for advanced analytics.

Benefits for Soldiers and Commanders alike, including greater efficiency, improved equipment uptime and availability, and connected operations.

Security at the heart of every tool, so you can make decisions with confidence. 

Make data a strategic asset

Digital records

Manage an electronic record for everything of value: base, warehouse, tool, document, form, report, and task.

Digital Twin

Deploy no-code automated workflows to model, streamline procedures, and alert for anomalous conditions.

Course correct

Develop real-time dashboards and reports to quickly identify and capitalize on strategic and tactical opportunities across the command chain.

Supporting the mission


Create a digital register of bases, equipment, documentation, and personnel across your unit.


Centralize knowledge with runtimes, mileages, manuals, maintenance, photos, and anything else, with ease.


Maintain visibility of equipment movement, utilization, and operating parameters to support mission objectives.


Plan and prioritize your team's mission with clarity, accountability, and adaptability, including Mission Based Forecasting.

Report and analyze

Improve decision-making with real-time, no-code visual dashboards and data reports. Use AI for Predictive Maintenance and identification of anomalous equipment signals.


Deploy autonomous workflows for Maintenance, Repair, and Operating (MRO) processes, Planned Maintenance activities, and DOD procedures

Extending asset lifecycle through analytics

Assetas helps to extend the asset lifecycle through analytics solutions. Gain valuable insights that lead to more-informed actions through a combination of approaches.


Track and organize historical Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul events and root-causes.


Forecast future impacts from historical asset usage and breakdown patterns and models.


Mitigate potential events by adjusting planned maintenance and tracking outcomes.