Our toolkit

Anomaly Detection

Integrate event and process signals with asset operations to manage, analyze, and take intelligent action. Connect with DCS, SCADA, and data historians to make use of the exploding data volumes.


An all-in-one solution to manage your hierarchy, facilities, and equipment. Capture customized attributes, photos, location information, telemetry, and other information.


Capture, import, or integrate your employees, contractors, agencies, and consultants. Capture customized attributes, photos, associations to assets and tasks, and other information.


Store supporting documents safely in our cloud-based solution for immediate, global access. Associate documents to assets, contacts, and/or tasks for immediate location and intuitive grouping.


Deploy digital audit and inspection forms, online or offline, on any device. Combine with workflow triggers and actions. Make full use of inspection data and findings. Eliminate paper inspections for good.


Evaluate the accuracy of your assets using native functionality. Use notifications to alert the appropriate personnel to confirm discrepancies and approve changes.


Develop and curate internal and external notifications to drive accountability and improve transparency for individuals, groups, and your larger organization.

Reports & Dashboards

Visualize performance with personalized, no-code reports and dashboards. Choose from over eight report types to best display your data, and customize your users’ dashboards based on their job functions.

Scalable Deployment

A platform that is meaningful for a small team to full-enterprise deployments, with pricing to match. Clients can use either data import templates and manual entries or deploy with data integration.


Drive accountability by generating and managing tasks. Escalate automatically to ensure timely and proactive responses.


Integrate event and process automation signals to take intelligent action. Connect with DCS, SCADA, and data historians to make use of the exploding data volumes.

Trek for Offline

Complete your work with or without connectivity. Populate and submit your forms, as well as manage your tasks, without interruption. Records will automatically sync once you enter an area with connectivity.


Deploy automated workflow triggers and actions based on telemetric data or user input. Discern meaningful signals from the noise.