Dashboard Configuration

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The Dashboard provides real-time reporting using tables, charts, and graphs. Each individual report is called a “control” and your dashboard will consist of several controls.

Organize your dashboard to provide you the most value. Easily update your dashboard by adding new controls, organize the controls in an appropriate order, and remove controls that no longer provide valuable information.

Dashboard Configuration

Customize your dashboard to display your desired data in your preferred format.

  1. Select “My Dashboard” on the sidebar navigation. 
  2. Select the “Configure” button in the upper right-hand corner of your screen to open the Dashboard Configuration tool.
  3. There are three tools to configure the dashboard.
    • Add new dashboard controls.  The next page will allow you to select one or more reports to add to your dashboard.  
    • Position controls by clicking and dragging controls to rearrange the dashboard controls.
    • Delete button under the “Actions” header to remove dashboard controls from your dashboard.
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