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The Trek Menu includes several navigation and account tools. 

  • The Home button redirects to the home screen.
  • The Storage Details button loads a page containing details of the offline data stored on the device. It lists items, counts, and their corresponding sizes. This page supports the following actions:
    • Refresh: Pushes any submitted forms, evaluation changes, or task changes. This is automatically completed every time forms, evaluations, and tasks change when there is connectivity.
    • Full Data Refresh: Completes the same actions as the Refresh button, plus pulls down any new form type changes, asset changes, contact changes, drop-down list changes (deltas only). Runs automatically every 30 minutes or so.
    • Reset Database: Attempts a Refresh to push any local changes, deletes everything from the local device that has been successfully submitted, then pulls a fresh copy of the database. Runs automatically every day or so. Unsubmitted evaluations, tasks, and forms remain untouched so there is no risk of data loss.
  • The Settings button opens a page to enter your username, password, the server type, and the database. You may switch accounts on this page if you are assigned to multiple accounts. Click the Sign Out button to sign out of Trek.
  • The About button loads that page that displays the version of Trek running on your device.
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