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efficiently, with intention, wisely

Companies of all sizes — from startups to Fortune 500s to the U.S. Air Force — use the Assetas platform to track assets, conduct digital inspections, and automate business workflows. We help companies operate wisely.

Our focus on success

Know what you own

Streamline your operation with asset tracking, task management, equipment telemetry, and records.

Gain Insights

Gain insights through personalized analytics, equipment telemetries, events, and AI capabilities. 

Drive Execution

Define processes, promote ownership, and automate workflows to focus on what really matters.

Serving leading organizations

A comprehensive, integrated platform

A comprehensive, integrated, enterprise platform with all the tools for end-users, designed for rapid implementation.  Learn more

  • Benefit from an all-in-one solution to manage your hierarchy, facilities, and equipment.
  • Centralize and view all asset information and records in one place with our comprehensive Asset Manager.
  • Save time by utilizing RFID and barcode technologies to reduce errors and streamline processes.
  • Integrate event and process automation signals with asset operations to manage, analyze, and take intelligent action.
  • Connect with DCS, SCADA, IIoT, and data historians to make use of the ever-growing data.
  • Analyze your telemetry data in real-time with artificial intelligence (AI) to identify anomalous information and quickly detect problems and potential issues.
  • Use our defaults that select the best-fitting detection model for your data to ensure high accuracy, or train machine learning (ML) models customized to your information to get increasingly more accurate results over time.
  • Codify your company knowledge into automated workflows.
  • Launch targeted actions from telemetric data, user input, and asset signals launch targeted actions.
  • Allow the system to manage normal operations so you can manage the exceptions.
  • Discern meaningful signals from the noise.
  • Finally eliminate the clipboard and paper forms.
  • Deploy and complete electronic forms, such as audits and inspections, on any device, online or offline.
  • Combine with workflow triggers and actions to make full use of inspection data and drive accountability.
  • Visualize performance with personalized reports.
  • View real-time dashboards or export to common file types.
  • Choose from our extensive library of pre-built reports or create your own no-code reports.
  • Deploy a platform that is meaningful for a small team to full-enterprise deployments, with pricing to match.
  • Benefit from a scalable solution that supports a shared tenant environment to dedicated servers in multi-region, redundant, and global environments. 
  • Visualize performance with personalized reports.
  • View real-time dashboards or export to common file types.
  • Choose from our extensive library of pre-built reports or create your own no-code report.
  • Configure your solution with custom data fields, selection lists, user security privileges, data integration services (web-service and flat files), and data governance controls.
  • Import your data quickly using data import templates, manual entries, and/or deploy with data integration (bi-directional).
  • Go-live quickly and curate the solution to meet your unique requirements. 

Our key metrics for success

Critical Assets Managed
Peak Daily Inspections
Automated Workflows, YTD
Uptime, YTD

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Assetas provides expertise and technology to enterprise and small teams. Our focus is to solve your challenges with the right tools, successful implementation, best-value to the Total Cost of Ownership, and delivering results.

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