Know your assets

Organize your tools, equipment, and materials with automated tracking and workflows.  Let us take you to new levels.  100% control and accountability.

How Assetas works



Gain visibility on your assets with a complete and an accurate Asset Registry.



Execute your processes with automated workflows, digital tools, and best practices.


Unlock Insights

Drive asset reliability and lower maintenance costs with actionable information.

Assetas clients in action

Delivering high-performance anytime, anywhere, and on any modern device — with and without internet connectivity.

See how we help the US Air Force to track air and space maintenance tools using RFID. 

Empower your processes

Assetas offers a complete solution with all the software, hardware, and tags track everything.


Track anything from stock materials to tools to equipment. Eliminate loss and improve accountability with barcodes, QR codes, passive RFID, and active GPS trackers.


Create and deploy automated workflows using forms — online and offline, using any modern device including desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and scanners.


Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with automated actions including data routing, corrective action, and email escalation.

Connecting governance for a stronger operation

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