Elevate your

Elevate your

Elevate your

Assetas’ Health & Safety Suite offers streamlined incident management and reporting, whether in an office, a shop, or in the field. Eliminate paper forms for good, ensure compliance, and strengthen your safety culture.

A culture of safety

Organizations with a superior health and safety program — those with a clear strategy, consistent workforce engagement, and meaningful practices — also tend to have superior safety records.


Incident reporting forms, internal reports, OSHA logs, dashboards, and industry-leading best practices in one platform.

Plug & Play

For companies starting a H&S program, use our curated Products.  Just add your employee list and start tracking incidents immediately.


Comply with OSHA requirements, ISO standards, and your internal process to ensure employee health and safety. 

Meaningful content

Our Health and Safety Suite is a comprehensive incident management solution built with flexibility in mind. Create your own forms or use our Products by adding your employee list and start tracking incidents immediately.

Safety, anywhere and on any device


Frequently Asked Questions

Our Products are a convenient way to deliver targeted tools – including reports, form types, and dashboards – that solve a specific problem without requiring each implementation to start from scratch. We’ve developed our Products by incorporating feedback from our years of consulting experience across diverse industries while blending in the ability to accommodate each organization’s unique processes.

We know that what’s typically marketed as a standardized solution or package of content doesn’t solve everyone’s problems.  Your business is unique, and your business processes don’t mirror your competitors’. That’s why we can confidently say that the development of standardized solutions is not a one-size-fits-all approach, and our experience leading hundreds of software implementations supports that.

Standardized solutions typically require thousands of dollars of additional implementation and customization hours in add-on fees. Our Products represent best practices compiled across our client history and are complete solutions. They’re ready for use as is, or as a starting point for further customization. Our Products are designed to allow for flexibility in configurations and include consulting hours to use the product however it best supports your business: customization and design, strategy, or extended training.   

The Health & Safety Suite annual subscription costs $15k/year. 

What’s included:

  • 10 hours of support per year to assist with training, configuration requests, and import needs
  • 5 named users
  • Content updates to meet revised agency requirements

Our Health & Safety Suite is priced as an annual subscription and has a lower total cost of ownership than a traditional Health & Safety Management System because we’ve streamlined the implementation process and we’ve included tools for which other software companies typically charge extra.

Once purchased, clients are welcome to enhance the tools to better match their company forms and procedures, or we’d be happy to assist with customization.

Assetas Trek is our offline tool to support usage where internet connectivity is intermittent, not available, or restricted. Trek will automatically synchronize your forms, form data, and tasks in the background. Continue your work without interruption when you don’t have a data connection or while your device is in airplane mode.

Trek is designed to work on any modern browser and is available on any device. This tool does not require updates; you always have the most current version.

Yes, both Single Sign-On (SSO) and data integrations are available.

We support user authentication with Assetas, Microsoft, and Google accounts. Leverage our native tools for data imports and exports with web-API or data file transfer. We also support manual bulk imports with a drag-and-drop feature.