Strive for operational wisdom

We believe that operational wisdom is operational excellence sustained over time, through consistent and intentional actions. We believe in answering questions and solving challenges, not simply implementing a software solution.​

Our mindset

Solving problems

We are a group of technically-minded individuals who are passionate about solving problems, improving processes, and developing long-term relationships.

Serving our clients

Our values guide how we run our company. We have clients (not customers) and we are wholly invested in our clients’ long-term success.

Backed by our clients

Assetas does not have external investors and we have no debt. As such, we are fully committed to our clients and employees, not shareholders.

Avg. Years of Experience
Average Dogs Per Person
"Thinker" Personality Types


the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment.

Examples of operational wisdom

  • Proactively implementing elegant and smart solutions. 

  • Saving time in the long run by implementing streamlined and methodical processes.

  • Constantly curating data and improving processes to be best-in-class.