Elevate your

Elevate your

Elevate your

Paper inspections are tedious to complete, cumbersome to manage, and provide no data validation to ensure accuracy. Use Assetas to easily create and deploy digital inspections to any modern device  ̶  with and without internet connectivity.

Operational benefits

Unlock the full potential of human insights by digitizing and automating your inspection processes. 

Improve data



Easy Information Capture

Improve your data quality by facilitiating data entry through show/hide logic, intuitive buttons, configured dropdowns, photo capture, GPS tags, barcode/RFID scanning, and signature boxes. Take the guesswork out of entering a form.

Anytime, anywhere

Create and deploy forms -- online and offline, using any modern device including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. View or deep search your inspection history across time and space to gain insights into your data.

Manage the exceptions

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with automated actions including form routing, task creation, and email notification. The solution's automated tools ensure all processes are initiated consistently so you can manage the exceptions, not the rule.

No apps

Benefit from our military-grade technology which runs on any modern browser and device, seamlessly, without apps to install or update.

Digitally secure

Ensure compliance with PII, HIPAA, financial, and other sensitive data with form, section, and question-level security.

Rapid Deployment

Use our curated forms immediately or your company forms using our no-code form designer. Deploy forms to users for immediate use.

Workflow Automation

Digitize company procedures to automatically trigger communication, corrective actions, and escalations.

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