Elevate your
inspections, audits, processes, engagement, communication, compliance, performance

Elevate your
inspections, audits, corrective actions, engagement, communication, compliance, performance

Assetas offers the best digital inspection and workflow automation platform. Available on any modern device  ̶  with and without internet connectivity.

Unlocking insights

Understand operational reality and make daily decisions faster. Assetas provides unbiased communication between the operating location and the back office with digital inspection and workflow automation. 

Improve confidence

Move forward knowing your data is accurate and reliable, ready to inform your decisions.

Drive accountability

Empower your team and foster responsibility through data ownership, removing translation.

Increase visibility

Bring your data to the front and support your organization, processes, and people.

Data without the headache

Data as a strategic asset and must be leveraged to bring immediate and lasting advantage. (DOD Data Strategy, 2020.) Reduce data cost by improving how data is captured at the source.


Build your forms without coding. Add dynamic dropdowns, photo capture, signature, barcode/RFID scanning, show/hide, security, and many other capabilities.


Create and deploy forms — online and offline, using any modern device including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Manage the exceptions

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with automated actions including data routing, corrective action, and email notification.

Hidden insights

Analyze, extract, and categorize information from photos, drawings, and documents using Artificial Intelligence.

Entity recognition

Automatically identify key concepts from unstructured data, such as people, events, and organizations.

Sentiment analysis

Extract the essence of customer and employee feedback, documents, and forms.

Anomaly Detection

Scan photos and documents, link with company records, and identify Management of Change.

Digital clipboard

Practical applications of digital forms. See actual examples →


Industrial Hygiene • Location Assessment • Mergers and Acquisitions • Safety Audit • Remediation and Asset Retirement


Air Compliance • Ground and Surface Water Management • Waste Storage and Tracking • Hazardous Materials • Wildlife Management

Health & Safety

Employee and Contractor Training • Covid Screening and Tracking • Employee Injury • Near Miss Reporting • Observations • Vehicle Incident


Equipment Survey • Maintenance & Repairs • Management of Change (MOC) • SOP Checklists • Startup and Shutdown • Visual Inspection


Federal Agency Regulations • State Agency Compliance • Safety Data Sheets (SDS) • OSHA • Local Municipalities • Tribal Regulations 

Risk Management

Feedback and Lessons Learned • Occupational Hazard • Process Safety Management (PSM) • Anonymous Forms • Investigations 

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COGCC Form 17

Drive Operational Excellence

Consistent execution

Digitize company procedures to automatically communicate, escalate for approval, and assign corrective actions.

Incremental improvements

Make small and consistent improvements to operations with measurable and repeatable changes.

Digitally secure

Ensure compliance with PII, HIPAA, financial, and other sensitive data with form, section, and question-level security.

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