Go offline


Ditch the clipboard. Trek supports seamless work activities in remote locations, secured environments, and areas with limited or varying connectivity.

Untether your work

Forget spotty network connection, transcription, and incomplete information. Improve business processes by saving time, improving accuracy, and reducing operational costs.

Dedicated tool for field operations


Eliminate the clutter from a clipboard, camera, and printouts.  Trek is an all-in-one tool.


Automatically synchronize your assets, forms, and tasks for offline access.


Work in the office or in the field, even when your internet suddenly goes down.


Trek is included with an Assetas subscription. No additional licensing needed.


Make data entry easy to learn with validation, decision trees, and process workflows.


Your data is safe and synchronized, whether work was completed today or days ago.

For lean teams

Control access

Ensure each user only has access to their forms and tasks.

Capture everything you need

Photos, signatures, GPS coordinates, dropdown lists, and radio buttons are just a few of the types of data we capture.

Adapt to any situation

Customize your forms to match your preferred layout, text, and data types. Save multiple answers when one answer does not provide the full view into the situation.

Continuously improve

Make real-time changes to improve your operations. Our no-code form designer evolves with your processes.

Don't limit yourself

There’s no limit to the number of forms you can design, submit, and access, making it easy to eliminate all of your paper forms.

Reduce decision fatigue

Allow workflows to automatically route and escalate notifications and tasks to the supervisor or responsible role.

Do more with what you have

Trek is included in all Professional and Enterprise-level pricing plans.

Trek is always current

Automatic updates mean you always have the latest version.

Form functionalities

Download Trek today!