Operational Excellence

Assetas is the management tool for modern knowledge workers. Elevate, streamline, and automate work.

An enterprise platform for insights and execution

Know your operation

Streamline your operation with asset tracking, task management, telemetry, and record keeping.

Drive execution

Improve execution with intelligent forms, notifications, automated workflows, and scheduled jobs.

Filter signal from noise

Gain insights through personalized analytics, dashboards, reports and AI-embedded anomaly detection capabilities.

Inspire your team

Empower your team to work any where, on any device, personalized configuration, and collaborate -- even remotely.

Planning for change is not enough

Many employers are preparing for an aging workforce by identifying future personnel needs, a deeper problem remains: the transfer of institutional knowledge. While traditional training methods of cross-training, shadowing, PowerPoint slide decks, and user manuals are certainly preferable to an ostrich-like approach, the adoption of technology to support a dramatically shifting workforce is the more effective solution to retaining and transferring the knowledge base critical to your employees’ success.

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Key features


Start with knowing what you own.


Build-up your knowledge with event and process signals.


Integrate human insights with cyber-physical systems.


Meaningful for a small team to large enterprise.


Improve reliability with AI inference detection.

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