Bulk Delete

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The bulk delete tool allows users to delete a collection of records by data type.  The tool is designed to delete assets, asset associations, asset contact associations, contacts, documents, evaluations, forms, tasks, and telemetry, with the ability to control how the system processes locked records.

Bulk delete data

  1. Expand the “Configuration” menu on the sidebar navigation.
  2. Select the “Bulk Delete” menu.
  3. Populate the fields. Data fields with an asterisk (*) are required.
    • Data Type*:  Enter the type of data records to delete.
    • Delete Locked Records:  Toggle on to delete locked records or off to skip locked records.
    • ID List*: Enter the list of 36-character unique identifiers to delete.  The list may be comma-separated, tab-separated, or newline-separated.
  4. Select “Delete” upon completion.

Collate IDs using reports

  1. For each data type, create a tabular report filtered to only the records that will be deleted and include a column for the ID values. 
  2. Run the report.
  3. Export the results to Excel or CSV.
  4. Copy the ID column values (excluding the header) as a newline-delimited list. 
  5. Paste the ID list to the “ID List” field.  
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