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A “form” capture question-based answers with the ability to trigger follow-up actions as needed.  Forms are customizable to meet a variety of needs, including repeating sections or questions, data validation, hide/show logic, and options to support answers with comments or photos.  

Search for a form

  1. Expand “Forms” on the sidebar navigation.
  2. Select one of the list options:
    • “My Forms” will display the list of forms that you created.
    • “Search” will allow you to populate the data filter fields where applicable, or leave blank to view all form records. Select “Search Data” upon completion to view results.

Search Tips

  • Expand the “Data Filters” section to limit the results based on specific fields. 
  • Select “Refresh List” to load an updated list; alternatively, select “Reset” to clear all of the filters.
  • Select the “copy” icon to copy a search URL to your clipboard for bookmarking or later use.
  • Select column headers to sort by column, alphabetically.
  • If an asset, contact, or date are set to links in the form configuration, those fields will appear as clickable links in your form list.
  • If your search criteria returns over 100 forms, the most recent forms will be displayed.

Add a new form

  1. Expand the “Forms” menu on the sidebar navigation. 
  2. Select “New” to add a new form.
  3. Select the type of form that you are creating if you have access to multiple form types; otherwise, the form type will launch automatically for entry.
  4. Answer the questions per the data type validations.  Data fields with an asterisk (*) are required.
  5. Select “Save” upon completion. Optionally, save the form as a draft. Draft forms will be tagged as “Draft” in the list of forms. You may reopen a draft form to submit it.

Form Entry Tips

For form questions that are configured for data types of Date, Time, or DateTime , double-clicking (or double-tapping if on a phone or tablet) the calendar or clock icons to the right of the question will auto-fill the data to the current date and/or time.

Lock or unlock a form

A locked form allows users with appropriate access to view the form details, while users with appropriate access can both view and edit an unlocked form. 

  1. Locate the form record and select the View/Edit button for the desired form.
  2. Toggle the “Lock” or “Unlock” button in the Details section.

Manage forms

  1. Expand the “Forms” menu on the sidebar navigation.
  2. Select one of the list options:
    • “My Forms” will display the list of forms that you created.
    • “Search” will display the full list of every form.
  3. To the right of each record, under the Actions menu, you may:
    • View detailed information or edit the form.
    • Open the form in the explorer view to visualize associations.
    • Delete this form and all associated data.
      • If deleting a form that has associated tasks, you must delete the tasks first before deleting the form.
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