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The global search tool is available throughout the system as a quick and simple method to locate records.  The global search matches the record name, tags, and other applicable fields.  It is not case sensitive and will return results based on partial spelling. You may search for multiple items by entering a semi-colon separated list.


  1. From the menu bar, select the magnifying glass icon “Search” button.
  2. Enter search text or scan a barcode.
  3. Press “Enter” to view the results that match your criteria.
  4. Review the results as follows:
    • Relevance:  The score that identifies how closely this item matches the search criteria. Items with more stars match more closely.
      • 5 stars: Match on Name, Alternate Name, Tracking Code, or External Identifier
      • 4 stars: Partial match on Name or Alternate Name
      • 3 stars: Partial match on Tags, Tracking Code, or External Identifier
      • 2 stars: Any other type of match
    • Type: The type of item, such as an asset, a contact, a document, a form, a report, or a task.
    • Thumbnail: The image provided for this item, if available.
    • Result: The name of the item.
    • Tags: The list of tags associated with this record.
    • Details: The detailed information for this item.

Search Tips

  • Organize your data by selecting the column headers to sort that column alphabetically.
  • The built-in barcode scanner is a tool for scanning a barcode from a mobile phone or uploading a barcode from a file. Scanning a barcode can immediately launch an asset record without the need to manually search for the asset.
  • RFID tags encoded with a record’s tracking code can also be scanned to enter data into the search field.
  • The Search tool evaluates the following fields by record type:
    • Asset: Name, Alternate Name, Type, Tracking Code, “Searchable” Attributes, Description, Tags, External Identifier
    • Contact: Display Name, Type, Tracking Code, “Searchable” Attributes, Tags, External Identifier
    • Document: Name, Filename, Description, Tags, External Identifier
    • Form: Name, Type, “Searchable” Answers, Tags, External Identifier
    • Report: Name, Description, Tags, External Identifier
    • Task: Type, Summary, Description, “Searchable” Attributes, Tags, External Identifier

Scan a barcode

  1. Click into the “Browse” field to select an image of a barcode.

Tips for photographing barcode

  • When photographing a barcode, for best results please capture the barcode as large as possible within the photo frame and ensure it is square inside the frame and not skewed.
  • Assetas supports the following barcode types: UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN-8, EAN-13, Code 39, Code 93, Code 128, ITF, Codabar, MSI, RSS-14 (all variants), QR Code, Data Matrix, Aztec, and PDF-417.

On a computer

An explorer box will open on your computer. Navigate to the image of your barcode and open the file. Once the barcode in the file is read, your browser will direct you to the asset matching the barcode.

On a mobile device or tablet

Your device will prompt you to access the camera or select an image from a photo library. If you choose to use the camera, simply take a photo of the barcode. Once the barcode in the photo is read, your browser will direct you to the asset matching the barcode.

Manage search results

  1. Enter updated search criteria to generate updated results. 
  2. To the right of each record, under the Actions menu, you may view detailed information.
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