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The support tickets allow our clients to submit a question, request a new feature, or suggest system improvements.

Search for a ticket

  1. Expand the “Support” menu on the sidebar navigation.
  2. Select one of the list options:
    • “My Tickets” will display the list of your tickets.
    • “Open Tickets” will display a list of tickets with a status of Open.

Add a new ticket

  1. Expand the “Support” menu on the sidebar navigation.
  2. Select “New” to create a new ticket.
  3. Populate the fields. Data fields with an asterisk (*) are required.
    • Type*: Select the appropriate type of ticket.
      • A “Bug” means that you have identified an issue within the system.
      • A “Question or Guidance” means that you have a situation that you’d like to discuss.
      • A “Requested Change or Addition” means that you have identified a change that you feel would improve the system. 
    • Priority*: Select the appropriate priority level of the ticket.
      • “Low” is used for aesthetic items that don’t impact functionality.
      • “Normal” is most often used.
      • “High” is used when the user is unable to move forward without resolution.
      • “Critical” is used for high-impact or system accessibility issues.
    • Summary*: Enter a summary of the support ticket.  
    • Description: Please provide a more descriptive outline of the support request.
      • For bugs, provide step-by-step instructions for replicating the item. 
      • Additional details will streamline our ability to troubleshoot so please provide details such as what record you were on, what steps you were trying to perform, and any error messages.
  4. Select “Save” upon completion.

Add attachments

Attachments allow you to supplement your ticket with images, documents, or video files to visually demonstrate the ticket description.  

  1. ​Locate the ticket record and select the View/Edit button for the desired ticket.
  2. Select the “Upload” button in the Attachments section.
  3. Select the files for upload.
    • Ensure the files for import are closed; the system will not be able to import files that are open.
    • There are two options for selecting (up to 20) files for import, each with a maximum file size of 20 MB.
      1. Open your file explorer to drag-and-drop the files into the designated area.
      2. Click the text that reads, “Drop files here or click to upload.” to launch the file explorer and choose your files directly.
  4. After selection, the files will display a progress bar and allow you to “Cancel upload” if needed.  
  5. Select “Upload All Files” upon completion.  
  6. Once the files have been uploaded, the system will return you to the list of tickets.

Multi-file Selection Tips

  • Multi-select individual files by pressing CTRL.
  • Select a range of files by pressing SHIFT.

Manage attachments

  1. Locate the support ticket.
  2. To the right of each record, under the Attachments section, you may:
    • View the attachment fullscreen (images only).
    • Download this attachment.
    • Delete this attachment.

Manage tickets

  1. Locate the ticket record.
  2. To the right of each record, under the Actions menu, you may:
    • View detailed information or edit the ticket data.
    • Delete this ticket and all associated data.
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