Trek Data Synchronization

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Trek can be used offline when connectivity is intermittent or not available. The data synchronization processes define how the data are saved to the device. 

Sync Types

Local change

Individual updates that are successfully saved to the device, including adding a task comment, closing a task, or submitting a form, are not saved to the database (yet).

Partial sync

Local changes that are successfully saved to the server. Once complete, Trek downloads task and form type “deltas” (data differences), which includes adding newly assigned tasks, removing tasks recently closed, adding newly created form types for entry, and displaying updates to form sections and question.

  1. The partial sync does not update dropdown list values.
  2. Completed tasks are not deleted from the device until the full sync.
  3. Action button are active during the partial sync to minimize work disruption.

Full sync

The full sync process includes the following three sequential steps. While the system performs full syncs, the action buttons are disabled.

  1. The local changes that are saved to the device are uploaded to the server.
  2. Once step 1 is complete, all items on the device are deleted, including form types, forms, and tasks.
  3. Once step 2 is complete, Trek will download form type and task updates, including dropdown list updates.

Automated Sync Processes

Trek follows the following process for automated syncs.

  1. Trek will check for local changes every minute automatically.
  2. Partial sync processes are triggered when local changes are present or if there have been no local changes in the last 30 minutes. During a partial sync, the buttons remain active.
  3. Full sync processes are triggered if no full sync has been completed in the last 24 hours.
  4. If a partial or full sync fails, Trek will retry every minute until successful.
  5. The exact date and time of last synchronization displays in the Menu, at the bottom.
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