Trek Differences from Online Application

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Due to the nature of Trek being designed for a specific purpose, there are differences in how it operates as compared to the Assetas online application.

Password Reset

Users are not able to reset their password from the Trek interface, due to offline intent. Password recovery tools are limited to the Assetas software.

Data Type Differences

  • “Coordinates” may be more accurate than the online application due to the full GPS functionality (when allowed).
  • “Time” and “Date & Time” data types will capture day, hour, and minutes only; they will not capture seconds.
  • “Radio Button” data types will only show the first 10 items. We recommend using a dropdown list when there are more than 10 entries.
  • “Signatures” do not require manual acceptance. Signature fields are automatically accepted once a form is submitted.

Functionality Differences

  • Links will only be available for use when online.
  • Form questions using the radio button data type containing 5 or fewer items will appear as horizontally spaced buttons, with button text limited to the first 50 characters. If there are greater than 5 items (up to 50), they will display as traditional radio buttons, with each item on its own line (the full text will show without wrapping and will be automatically truncated by the width of the browser page). For long lists, Assetas recommends the use of drop-down menus over radio buttons.
  • To delete a photo or file attachment added in a form, tap on the thumbnail of the photo or attachment and confirm if you want the item deleted. 

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