Trek Form Type Development

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Assetas recommends the following when creating forms for offline use in Trek:

Offline Form Type

  • Trek forms may not be used anonymously. A login is required for the use of Trek.
  • Do not include links for users to access, as links will only be available for use when online.
  • For form types that reference a particular record, be it a contact, asset, or other, please use the GUID rather than the external identifier of the record. For example: {Contact:3584b4a7-f4ec-457a-86a6-2fbe4d23f39e}.

Form Questions

Create three read-only, hidden Form Questions within their own section at the end of the form that is hidden upon form open. These questions will capture valuable information useful for troubleshooting.

  • “Create Date” date-time field, defaulted to “Now”
  • “Current User” dropdown list controlled by Active Users, defaulted to “Current User”
  • “DateTime Stamp”, defaulted to YYYYMMDDHHSS

Limit lookup values where possible to avoid delays due to unnecessary data storage on the device.

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