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The Locations tables list U.S. counties, countries, states/provinces, and time zones available in the system. These read-only tables are useful for looking up the country, county, and state IDs for use in report filters and for populating the address fields of records. The list of time zones is used in the capture of telemetry data.

Use the following tools to interact with the tables:

  • Print the list
  • Download the list
  • Search the list

The data sets are built into the software and are read-only. Please contact Assetas with questions.


The Counties table includes every United States county, sorted alphabetically by state, along with the country FIPS code and 36-character GUID.


The Countries table includes the full country name, two-digit code, and 36-character GUID.


The States table includes US states, US territories, and Canadian provinces, along with the two-digit code and the 36-character GUID.

Time Zones

The Time Zone table includes key elements for each global time zone.

  • ID: The unique identifier of the time zone.
  • Display: How the time zone will display in the system.
  • Standard Name: The name of the time zone during standard time (when Daylight Saving Time is not in use).
  • DST Name: The name of the time zone during Daylight Saving Time.
  • Offset: The difference from Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).
  • DST: If the time zone supports Daylight Saving Time.
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